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Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

There are moments in time when you know something terrible is about to happen but you can’t look away and there are moments in history that are seared into our minds but we never got to see what was happening the seconds before the tragedy. Many of these moments are great tragedies that changed the world with their far-reaching impacts with the aftermath usually being the first thing the media seizes upon.

Here we have several photographs taken just before disaster struck to illustrate just how shocking, unexpected and tragic these moments can be.

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It’s really easy to get rid of yellow teeth in one step! Forget about the expensive dentist clinic!

Hello, everyone! My friends noticed that my teeth were a lot whiter than before, and it was really super nice to laugh. They all suspect that I went to the beauty clinic to do whitening, but in fact I really didn’t. I put the photo on the Internet, and there are really many friends who come over and ask me how to whiten. So, I decided to write this article to answer this question: “How do I have white teeth in a month?”

My teeth whitening story

Because the previous work was not my favorite, unhappy, I finally made up my mind to resign last month, and then began to look for new jobs. It was not very smooth at first, the pace of life was disrupted, and my mood became depressed.

I have never been particularly confident about myself. Every interview is stressful and I can’t really express myself.

One day, I asked my bosomfriend Aya to have afternoon tea. She was a high-level manager at an investment bank. She flew around every day and negotiated with many high-level companies. She was full of confidence and charm. It was the kind I admire. Professional women.

I finally got the courage to ask her how to become more confident (still very embarrassed to ask this question to bosomfriend), she taught me how to maintain a natural smile, from the first step to draw closer to others.

Then she asked me to try to smile at her, which is really shy, I can’t open my mouth naturally without a smile. At this time, Aya suddenly said to me: “Are you worried that your teeth are not good?” Although she said it was very direct, I did not feel offended at all, but a feeling of being suddenly reminded.

I am not really worried that my teeth are not good. I am worried that my teeth are yellow. I have a yellowish enamel from child. When I grow up, I especially like to drink coffee and tea. The problem of tooth yellow seems to be aggravated. At this time, I suddenly realized that I always grinned or covered my mouth with a smile because I realized that the yellow tooth would affect my image, but I never thought about solving this problem.

Every time I take a picture and laugh, I feel that it is the most ugly thing to laugh inside, because my teeth are obviously yellow compared with others. The worst situation before was also thought to have smoke, so this color..

I also hope that I laugh so much so beautiful.
I also hope that I laugh so much so beautiful.

Some people suggested that I can drink less tea or coffee, but everyone usually does not drink? And I really brush my teeth after I finished eating (my mom said I have obsessive-compulsive disorder) but it seems that is very limited effect.

Isn’t my self-confidence because of the yellow teeth? Aya said that the tooth yellow is definitely not the only reason, but because of the fear of exposing his teeth and not being able to smile naturally, there is no way to build confidence. She encouraged me to start with this problem and change my image step by step from the inside out.

So I started looking for ways to whiten my teeth. I went to the dentist’s office to consult a whitening treatment. The price was too high. I couldn’t afford it for me to resign at home.

I also tried the tutorials I saw on TV. With baking soda powder and toothpaste, the effect is not very obvious, and it is very troublesome.

The teeth whitening patch is whitened, but it becomes very sensitive. If you eat some hot ice, you will immediately rush to the sensation, and then give up.

Later, I added a lot of related groups to Facebook and met many friends who have been plagued by the same problem for a long time. Several of them recommended WonderCOCO whitens teeth naturally powder.

WonderCOCO whitens teeth naturally powder is very simple to use, brush brush and brush

I have known the tooth powder since the beginning, but I always listen to people saying that using tooth powder will hurt the enamel and I have never dared to try it.

My friend told me that the abrasives used in tooth powder and toothpaste are the same, but one is a paste and the other is a powder. The powder is easier to use the original descaling properties of the abrasive.

Some of the strong whitening tooth powders hurt the tooth surface because the tooth powder contains substances that erode the surface of the tooth, and the tooth color is restored by means of eroding the tooth surface. The WonderCOCO whitens teeth naturally ingredients are made from pure natural plants and do not attack the teeth at all.

Many friends in Facebook spend only two weeks, and the color of the teeth changes significantly!

WonderCOCO premium formula combines the benefits of 3 totally natural substances. Activated charcoal, obtained from burnt coconut shell which has a porous structure that absorbs and removes stains. It whitens and polishes teeth naturally. The bentonite clay contains calcium and acts to remineralise your teeth, strengthening the enamel and removing any bacteria present in the mouth. The natural mint extract soothes gums and prevents bad breath.

With whitening teeth, I seem to be more willing to show my smile. I don’t worry that others will notice my yellow teeth. I will put more energy on how to talk to others. I feel really relaxed. a lot of.

Now that I am working in a new company, the relationship between my colleagues is much better than before, and the salary has not changed much, and everything has become better.

I wrote this story, I want to sincerely recommend WonderCOCO whitens teeth naturally to those friends who have the same problems as me. If you or your family also have yellow teeth or tooth stains, tartar, try it out!

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Updated on 2019.04.21

Hello everyone! I have good news to tell you that the representative of WonderCOCO contacted me because I wrote this article, I can give my friends €1 trial. Discounts don’t last long, so friends who want to buy quickly hurry!

You are welcome, I hope to be useful to you!


Wow, it's really great! For boys, teeth are also important to the outside world. If you have regular smoking, you need to do a good job of cleaning your teeth.


How long will it take to be effective for this?


The treatment at the dentist's office is also effective and will not be wasted. However, tooth powder is a super-economic way to save money and save time.