Find The Nest and Kill Bed Bug Eggs

Bed bugs are so small with flat shapes; they are feeding the blood from people and other animals. You can find this bug on several places such as hotels, homes and also at public area including department stores. Specifically, Bed bugs are hiding in some part of your bed and furniture.

bed bug egg bed bug nest

So, you should find and kill the bed bug nest to get rid of bed bugs populations. Here are simple step to find the nest and kill bed bug eggs.

Where Do Bed Bugs Nest

Without food supply, bed bugs can survive for a year. You should eliminate as soon as you find where the bugs nesting areas including health care facilities around where you live. But most of them can be found in the corners of mattress inside your bedroom.

How to Kill Bed Bug Nest

You have to vacuum the area of bed bug nest. Vacuum is can help you to reduce the number of nest on some areas such as bed, mattresses or furniture.

Get rid of bed bug nest on several materials you cannot wash them such as mattresses, bed and furniture with an insecticide recommended for remove bed bug. Pesticides referred for cockroaches and ants are not effective to kill bed bugs.

Especially for objects near with bed bug nest, you have to wash the toys, bedding and other material using water. Use hot water to wash those objects.

Put the objects cannot be washed in dryer for 20 minutes on high heat.

Seal your electronics in a plastic bag with insecticide strips to remove bed bugs such as laptops, clocks and phones on five to seven days.

For the holes on fabric furniture, you may replace and discard if there are bed bug nest inside.

Kill Bed Bug Eggs

Bed bugs may put up to 300 eggs and hatch in 10 days for each egg. So, get rid of bed bug eggs as soon as possible.

Wash in hot water all the materials on the bed such as toys and pillows. And do not forget to vacuum all of the frame, rugs, bed, and furniture.

For more effective, spray the egg and nest with the special bed bug killer with Pyrethrins or Permethrins inside. When spray the bed bugs, you should to keep away from the people, kids and pets.

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