Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Mattress

Some methods are useful to get rid of bed bugs on mattress. If bed bugs nesting in your mattress, because there are some spots that good enough to hiding like carpets, clothing, headboard, bed linens etc.

bed bugs in mattress

However, discard the mattress is not your option. Bed bugs still live in your bed as well in crevices of bed. The bugs may hide in your chairs and furniture. They are also can travel from one room to another room as well as you moving.

For the result, you should following the right steps to get rid of bed bugs around you.

Find bed bug nest and observe it.

You can make sure if that is a bed bug and not some other bugs. You may find the picture of bed bugs from Google and match the bugs you found with the bed bug pictures on internet.

Remove the bedding

Check on every single hole, crevice and crack and around the mattress. Also check for the box spring, tops, bottoms and sides of mattresses. You may look for the bugs, the bugs easier to found at night because they will start feeding the blood at night.

Spray Bed Bugs

Spray the bed bugs will take you a lot of time. So, be patience as it needs the people to find every single bug. Bed bugs also reproduce so quickly and they can produce on a year up to three generations.

Wash All Bedding

Wash the bed linen and clothing on hot temperature, that may at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bed bugs. If you do not wash your rugs, clothes,linens and carpets, the bed bugs may hiding inside and will relocate to mattress as soon.

Wash the whole of your bedding which infected by bed bugs, including blankets, pillow cases and sheets. Wash all of bedding in hot water, and use machines to dry it get hot temperatures to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

Bed bug is insect can cause anxiety for people by feeding on them. Bed bugs are reddish-brown with no wing and flat enough. They are known as fast moving, night hunters that feed your blood off. Therefore, prevention is needed during infestations, such as cleaning all of your mattresses.

Check the mattress from signs of a bed bug. One of simple signs to know is fecal matter, it is liquid form and look like dark spots. Check also frame and bed spring for fecal matter. And do not forget to find the bed bugs themselves.

Vacuum Mattress

Vacuum all of mattress set and run the vacuum cleaner over the whole mattress. Make sure all cleaned with extension hose and brush, and go over nook and cranny with those tools.

Scrub the mattress with stiff brush, and make sure your brush can reduce bed bugs. Bed bug eggs may hide in crevices on the bed.

Use zippered mattress for the mattress. Zippered mattress is useful avoid bed bugs from exist on the mattress.

So, you can share on comment if there are effective treatments to get rid of bed bugs in mattress.

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