Get Rid Of Bed Bugs and Treat Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug is an animal which feeding the human blood. And they are active at night, but bed bugs are not purely nocturnal animal.

get rid of bed bugs

The ancient Greece has been mentioned about bed bugs on early 400 BC, and also mentioned by Aristotle later. Since thousands of years, they are known as human parasites.

In Germany on 11th the century, Bed bugs are also has been mentioned. So also in France on 13th century and England in 1583 like talked on few references.

After the Great Fire of London in 1666, some peoples believe if bed bugs brought with supplies of wood. Since World War II, one of the serious health issues on US military bases is bed bugs.

South America is the place bed bugs never established before, so they are reaching there now. Early 1600s in United States, the powerful pesticide is limiting the population of bed bugs greatly.

Bed bugs are tending to congregate when they have been established, but they can still exist when alone.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? Commonly, a bed bug is relocates it to the place close with his host after finishes feeding such as near bead in the clusters. They may also nest within birds, bats or rodents.

Are you really think if bed bugs exist on humans? Bed bugs are not really live in human body such as other parasitic insects. But you may only need to make sure your environment hygiene.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Usually, with no effective pest control, resistance to insecticides and international travel is affected for growth of bed bugs population around the world.

Regularly, the combination of pesticides and non-pesticides is required to eradicate the bed bugs.

A new research found 100% death rates for bed bugs by exposed for more than 2 minutes with high temperature more than 50 °C (122 °F)

As the reasons of public health, the individuals are supported to hire a professional pest control service to kill bed bugs in home, rather than eradicate it themselves.

Carbamate insecticide propoxur is really effective to kill bed bugs, but it also release a potential toxicity for your children when exposed.

From 1930s to 1980s rates of bed bugs infestations is decreasing in some developed countries, and since 1980s it increased dramatically.

How to Find Bed Bugs

You may inspect the signs of bed bugs closely. They are so small and flat to see such as actual insects.

You may found bed bugs by checking your mattress, sheets and furniture crevices in home.

You can detect the bed bugs characteristic such as rotting raspberries smell.

How to Kill Bed Bugs

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is hire a professional pest control company, but the service can be more expensive than you handle it yourself.

 kill bed bugs

There are many ways to kill bed bugs, but few of home remedies can stop the spread of bed bug infestation and reduce bed bug numbers. And there are kind of bed bugs treatment:

Hire Professionals Pest Control

The professional pest control company is owns all the requirement tools to find the pests in your area. As you wish, that pest control company will follow up the bed bugs population up to make sure the infestation has been eliminated.

Heat Treatments

For small item which infested by bed bugs, heat treatments may work effectively by washing it with hot water including pillows, clothing, bedding and other washable fabrics.

You can dry those items for 30 minutes after washed at least 120 degrees, and put them on a bag or plastic container until that bed bugs is death.

Steam Treatments

Use the steam treatments properly to kill bed bugs effectively from your area. To reach high enough temperatures to get rid of bed bugs by renting a commercial steamer may a good choice rather than using carpet cleaning machine.

Something as your consideration is to high the temperature of steamer may damage your possessions. Otherwise, to low temperature may make bed bugs still live.

Cold Treatments

Kill bed bugs by place infested items in your freezer deeply with temperature below 32 degrees. This cold treatment may work for items infested for 2 weeks. Try this with your own risk on damage items.

Alcohol Spray

Test the alcohol spray for bed bugs infested items on a small area, because it is can stain your wood surfaces and fabric. You can use alcohol spray for the luggage to get rid of bed bugs when returning from your trip.

Commercial Pesticides

No pesticides available known by homeowners that eradicate bed bugs completely, as noticed by Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.


With the appropriate attachments, vacuum all of your furniture and flooring, so seal the content in a bag and throw it away.

Preventive steps are more important to avoid bed bugs, because killing bed bugs may can be time consuming and more expensive.

You must examine accurately for signs of bed bugs in your household items like the used beds, used sofas and mattress.

Treat Bed Bug Bites

Apply calamine lotion to ease the itch to bites of bed bug, or applying the gel of aloe vera plant to your skin with bed bug bites may relieve the itch. Aloe vera is one of home remedies for bed bug bites.

bed bug bites

There are also bed bug bite symptoms; some adverse effects may appear caused by bed bugs bites like allergic symptoms, skin rashes and psychological effects.

Since the habitats of human more complexes, some related condition and beg bug bites also have been increased.

Various skin effects may appear caused by the bites of bed bug like prominent blisters to non-visible effects. Occasionally, the bed bug bites can be painful and itchy, and look like a mosquito bite on the skin.

You cannot stop bed bugs from biting you. Because bed bugs are stay in your home and live off the blood. But there are few ways to handle bed bug bites as your first aid.

  • You can start to prevent the allergic reaction
  • Lessen the itch
  • Place the bites of bed bug on ice
  • Decrease the amount of bed bug bites

However, Bed bugs is congregate on the place where you resting, this is why to get rid of bed bugs naturally is priority.

So, get good night and sleep tight, and do not let bed bugs biting you during your sleep.

4 discussions on “Get Rid Of Bed Bugs and Treat Bed Bug Bites”

  1. Mason says:

    Bed bugs are really elastic. Some treatments may be required to get rid of bed bugs overnight. Besides that, most important thing to do for all of people is to be aware with your sanitation. You may move the bed away from your wall to make for any bugs more hard to go onto bed.

  2. andrew says:

    Generally, bed bug bites are not cause severe health problems. Bed bug bites generate little white welts on human body that may be itch for days. Those bug bites alike to mosquito bites and may be infect just as easily. But you still have to get rid of bed bug bites from your body.

  3. olivia says:

    When you on drive or ride at night in your car, that is the time when the bedbugs are active to bite and feed the blood. For prevention, you may change the clothes that you use; before get to sleep into bed. This simple ways is not to get rid of bed bug bites fast, but it is really help to prevent the bed bugs spread to several parts of your house.

  4. Emma says:

    You should aware the bed bugs spot before you sleep at night. Use hot water to wash sleeping bags, your bedding and clothing if you found bed bugs in bed.

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