All About Honey You Should Know

You can use raw honey on different ways, such as internal consumption and mask or a scrub. That is mean same area of body with multiple methods. Apply the raw honey as you wish to make your body more health inside and outside.

There are several benefits using raw honey as home remedy treatment for several diseases. Such as acid reflux, acne, acne scars, anxiety, asthma, blackheads, chapped lips, cold, cough, dark circles, hair treatment, nausea, psoriasis, sinus infection, skin treatment, sore throat, weight loss and many more.

honey treatment

The raw honey treatment you should know:

Honey For Acid Reflux

Only use raw honey or organic honey to treat acid reflux such as Manuka honey. It also effective for heartburn treatment because of the pasteurization strips of the nutrients. If you deciding to restore the viscosity, you can put the bottle of honey in a hot water pot instead of put it in the microwave.

As we know, honey may be able to raises your levels of blood sugar. Therefore, everybody who suffering with diabetes mush use the honey with caution. Everybody may not use honey to treat acid reflux if they have an allergic to bees or pollen before.

Giving honey for children under age of 2 and babies is not recommended. Manuka honey is no side effects and it may does not associate with any known medications. It acts as natural antibiotic.

Before start to apply honey treatments regularly, do not forget to consult to your doctor. You can gain the effects of honey treatments by a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Honey For Acne

Do not use the honey as your acne treatment if you are one of the allergic to honey or pollen. You may try different remedy that work for acne treatment instead honey treatment for acne is appear breakouts in some area of your body.

You can make sure to try the treatment out before with patch test a honey application. Just avoid applying it when you notice any negative reactions. As we know, scratching, rubbing, squeezing and pricking the acne or pimples are leaving the acne scars in your skin.

During the honey treatment, avoid something that may clog the pores such as creams or greasy cosmetics and lower exposure to the sunlight.

Honey For Acne Scars

Avoid to fade your acne scars by using honey for all of person with allergic to honey bees and pollen. You can do a test before starting honey treatment regularly.

Do not hesitate to contact your dermatologist if there is not progress to fade acne scars with honey within 8 weeks. You should eat more healthy diet, have regular exercise and stay hydrated to avoid acne scars.

Otherwise, honey for acne scars is really good to prevent scars in areas of your body.

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