Make Baby Stop Crying

Baby Stop Crying – Most of baby crying on first born, and newborns cry is still continues on several hours a day. So, how to make baby stop crying?

How baby communicate with you? Baby cries is the only ways to tell you. After coming out of the womb, all of baby is learning to the new environment so getting familiar with the life.

make baby stop crying

baby stop crying

Whenever the baby cries is your responsibility to response it. You must to stay calm and relax and still to respond it, cause that the baby is going to cry so. This few tips may really help you to make baby stop crying.

Identify the Crying

Firstly, try to identify why the baby is crying. Hungry, uncomfortable, tired or bored is the most reason for baby crying and that is the only one way baby communicate with you as parent.

Feed the baby as soon when you get the hunger cues. The gas can be a reason the baby cries. For that, try to make baby burping. Playing some soothing rock and music for baby on your arms it is may get baby to sleep, try this if baby feel sleepy or tired.

Baby Temperature

The comfort level of the baby may be affected by the temperature. To solve this problem, try to take baby clothes off when the baby feels too hot temperature. Otherwise, add few layers of clothing to turn up the heat when you think the room temperature is too low.

Baby Carrier

You can utilize a baby carrier or enough only carry your baby in the arms. Most experiences will tell you that the babies who are carried a day at least 3 hours cry less than who are not carried at all.

Baby May Colic

When your baby on colic that is why baby crying. Sometimes, without any reason the baby can also crying at a certain time of the day for a long period.

When your baby may feel the colic, cuddling and diapering may help to stop baby cry. That is alternative way to provide the baby a sense of security. By rubbing or patting the baby backs is make your baby more comfortable.

Lullabies or Rhymes

Each of baby is has the different way to stop crying. You may try to apply the different ways or some tricks as combination to calm your baby and stop crying. Several babies may respond to rhymes or even lullabies but otherwise may not.

Finally, when you try to stop baby cries and before switching to another way, stick the one technique first for the few periods.

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